Summer Edition

Exquisite curves and sparkling crystals, summer's splendor is captured with freshness and charm.

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golden micro hoop earrings with lace texture and crystal displayed on white background Quick shop



Sol Pearl

Iridescent, elegantly crafted pearl earrings ideal for everyday.

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Radiance and intrigue. The dazzle pieces are in.

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Flora Inspirations

Charming encounters and versatile show-stoppers.


We're Sol-de-Miel

Divine inspirations by emerging artisan jewelers from all over the world, curated and brought directly to you, minus the traditional markups.

Come away with us. 

Sol Pearl Collection

Constellations Collection

Only the Finest

FAIR PRICING - We said goodbye to traditional 10x markups and deliver directly to you. Making owning beautiful jewelry actually accessible.

ONE OF A KIND - We handcraft unique, unparalleled designs to help our customers outshine the crowd. Each collection is of an exclusive, limited quantity. 

Highest Quality - We work with expert jewelers who have a passion for ethical techniques and  quality materials to create unyielding beauty.

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