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At Sol-de-Miel, we are obsessed about

Unique Artisan Jewelry 

We believe its powerful magic lies in the ability to delight and empower modern women, without having to break the bank. 

It is with this belief we started our journey of affordable fine jewelry: traveling to fascinating corners of the world, collaborating with ethical, emerging jewelers who share the same passion for the enduring beauty and unique design voice as us, and bringing home to you the very special pieces here that speak lasting beauty.

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Why we beat others?

Sol-de-Miel Artisan Jewelry About Us

Fair Pricing - We said goodbye to traditional 10x markups and sell directly to you. Making owning jewelry accessible and fun.

High Quality - We work with expert jewelers who use high quality materials, and who have a passion for enduring beauty.

Limited Quantity - We curate each collection with an intimate but NOW narrative. We proudly limit each style to a controlled quantity so you can always stand out.


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